Does peace unite people ?

Image Does peace unite people ?

Peace is the absence of conflict or war in a household, a community, and in a nation. Peace is synonymous with serenity or harmony. When people are in harmony, they can live together without any conflict despite their problems and regardless of their cultural diversities. In this article, we will take a close look at the reasons why peace is a tool to unite people.

Does peace unite people?

Peace unites people due to its promotion of mutual help

When people are in harmony with each other, they put their efforts together to reach a unique goal. This mutual help is reinforced by a popular proverb, which says: "Nature's stern discipline enjoins mutual help at least as often as warfare." For example, in the traditional society, there was not any large road construction company. Under the leadership of the community leader, they could build long roads or build a school.

It was also common for people to help each other in farming and agriculture. Another example is, long ago, people used to give hand to one another in rice plantation work, which involved plowing the soil, irrigating the rice field, sowing the paddies, harvesting the crops, and preparing the crops for storage. Thus, peace unites people who help each other.

Peace unites people as it enhances lasting bond among them

When people live in a peaceful community, they help one another. They share their tools, and they share their meal too. The traditional society was marked by love and caring among community members. During the farming season, for example, it was common for neighboring families to help one other with all the fieldwork.

Then, each family would take turns preparing meals and bringing lunch for the field workers. A strong bond is formed when people are at peace with each other.

Peace unites people because they can protect each other

When the community is at peace, they can organize their own security system. For example, it was common in the traditional society to see people working together making a trap for any dangerous animals that attacked the village.

At night, representatives of each family within the community patrolled the village at night on a rotation basis. By combining their efforts, they could protect each other and the community was peaceful.

Peace unites people because they can share their happiness

There is a saying which goes: "A harvest of peace grows from seeds of contentment.” When people are at peace, they usually share their happiness with one other. For example, on the Eve of Independence Day, it is familiar to see people participating in the night parade despite the cold winter chills.

Additionally, on the following day, community members share their meals with their neighbors and have a drink together to celebrate the event together. This means that peace unites them.

Peace unites people when they have inner peace

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