26 Dec 2019

5 ways to find inner peace

Inner peace
5 ways to find inner peace

The Dalai Lama who is one of the greatest messengers of peace said one day, “Do not let the others steal your inner peace”. His quote affects many people who are struggling with life and can't find that precious thing they hunger for. There are many ways to be in peace with oneself. It's up to everyone to find the appropriate way.

Inner peace is important because not only it helps the mind focus but also helps the body to get healthier. The time to find inner peace depends on each other but the process requires work and efforts. 

Here are 5 ways to find inner peace

1- Accept the reality

The main reason many people are stressed about life is that they can't accept the reality. They have very high expectations and therefore disappointment comes easily. It's not about not having any dreams or being fatalist. It is about being wise enough to accept how reality you cannot change even if it can be hard sometimes.

2- Choose to behave yourself

No matter how others act in front of you or behind your back. It's up to you to choose how you will to react. You should be prepared mentally to always find the best way to avoid conflict that can destroy inner peace. If you are faced with a rough situation, do not react instantly but remain silent until you can give way to your anger or sadness and keep calm. The best way is to escape for a while or take a break. 

Nevertheless, it is difficult to face harmful situations and just walk away. A messenger of peace, Prem Rawat, has elaborated a method entitled peace education, which is efficient to find inner peace. It involves inculcating peace meanings and behaviors by shaping learners to avoid conflicts and trying to build a harmonious environment.

3- Do not cloud issues

Many people say that hiding feelings and not always telling the truth is the best way to resolve problems. However, it hurts and creates more problems because you have to lie and that will affect the brain in the wrong way. Telling the truth sets your mind free and able to receive in its turn the other's truth.

4- Be more selective

Do you know that you are the result of five closer persons around you? In love or in friendship, you have to distinguish the best partners in life in order to get what you want. Doing that will help you avoid useless stress.

5- Appreciate life

It is vital to know how to enjoy life by doing what can make you happier. Being with relatives and friends, going on a road trip or even giving helping hands to others can be good. The mission of the program that Prem Rawat has conceived is to try to evangelize the world with its message of peace, including inner peace. 

The founder himself said that peace is the true wealth everyone should run after. “I've chosen to be happy because it's good for health”, said Voltaire. Happiness is a part of inner peace. Then, to find peace easier, try to be happy. However, the most important is to following these tips at our own pace.