25 Dec 2019

Is peace linked to justice ?

Peace and justice
Is peace linked to justice ?

Peace reigns when there is serenity in the community, or else, when the family lives in harmony. If each family is at peace, the world will certainly become peaceful too. Peace is as important as justice. There are many reasons for that. In this article, our focus is on the connection between peace and justice.

Is peace linked to justice?

Peace begins with justice

Respect for justice is the basis of peace. In other words, people can live in harmony with each other if justice is served. A classic example is when there about a thief in a village. He might have stolen a rooster from an average family in a small village. Yet, he did not receive the proper punishment for his crime.

Besides, the rooster owner did not get hearing from the authority, who had already taken a bribe from the thief. Thus, justice was not served, and tension rose in the community. Such unfairness may eventually lead to a social unrest especially if it is recurrent. Therefore, it is true that justice begins with peace.

Peace is linked to justice in the society

Conflicts arise in the society when someone intentionally breaks the rules of society. For example, as a rule, a matchmaker is in charge of arranging marriages between a man and a woman.

However, if any of them breaks the societal rule by acting against parents' and community's expectations, conflicts arise and peace is broken. There may be tension among the prospective groom's family and the bride's family if the expected bride has disappointed them by refusing the arrangement. Thus, if societal justice is violated, there is no peace.

Justice changes the word into a heavenly abode

World peace starts from each individual. Prem Rawat, the peace mediator's message of peace is, "Whatever the equation is that you have created, without your heart, without peace in your life, there can never be peace in the world." By teaching people to solve their conflicts peacefully, it is possible to change the world into a heavenly abode. The basic rule is love. Justice should be served with love.

It is primordial to spread Prem Rawat's messages of peace to encourage each individual to search for inner peace, which is the only guarantor of universal peace. Peace reigns when there is mutual help and respect for societal rules and laws. The world is at peace if the human rights are served. The bottom line is “Let justice be the guide to universal peace.”

Justice enhances peace among people

By dealing with a conflict in nonviolence, justice can enhance peace. By solving the daily problems with correction and rehabilitation, it is possible to enhance peace through justice. It acts mainly for the promotion of a civil society. For example, mob justice is not a suitable punishment if the objective is to re-establish community serenity.

The reason is that this kind of punishment may cultivate a feeling of revenge from the part of the criminal's relatives, which will eventually spark more violence. In addition, it may badly affect the civic education of the society. Instead, a better alternative is maybe sending the crime perpetrator to a rehabilitation center in order to correct his behavior, and nurture good qualities as a human.